Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ok, ok. I guess I didn't realize you all are still following this, so, here goes. I think part of me was done following it too though. I will never forget when Wyatt looked at me and said, "Mom why are you so stressed? It's over, he's home" How I wish I saw this through his mind. But it is not over, though every day we are a little closer. So since Easter so much has happened.
First the feeding tube is out, and the stoma is healing well. His trach scar is hardly noticeable any more! Next he was cleared to drive. Really big news. He is mobile! Things were progressing right along. Therapy happens three times a week and he has a pool pass for HealthSouth. The progress is slow, but still evident. When he walks a lot he should wear his foot braces (AFOs), as his ankles still are not up to par. I notice small things often. His hug is getting stronger, he is opening jars, and has even played ping-pong with Wyatt. Wyatt won, but he did well until he had to pick up the ball. Just doesn't have the dexterity yet. He is also able to work a bit around the house with dished, picking up, vacuuming.
But then, a little bump in the road. We were back in the ER a few weeks ago for about 11 hours. The doctor said he wanted him off one of the pain meds, so Jim quit taking them once the prescription ran out. Oops. Methadone withdrawals... not so much fun. It took a few days, but he had some typical symptoms... vomiting, chills, shakes, sweating. To get him out of that state took so much medication. Hugh amounts of all sorts of cocktails, and then he walked out of the ER! He seemed pretty clear, felt great. But, again, no. He didn't remember most of the ER visit, and it took about 2 days before he could talk with out slurring, and stay awake for more than 6 hours a day. He seems to be rebounding ok. He lost a week of therapy and his body went through 12 hours of misery. But we are back on track and making some progress again. On his balance test he has gone from a 90 year old man to a 70 year old man. He even climbed a ladder in PT at HealthSouth this week. He has even gone to work a few days in the past weeks. Not for very long, and not doing anything too difficult, but at least it helps him feel productive.
I have been back to work as usual. Though I still have heavy concerns everyday, I look forward to tomorrow being another day, and one day closer to a better day. We still need your positive thoughts and prayers. It's nice also to be distracted by Wyatt's middle school "passage" which apparently is the 2010 version of graduation... but I guess that is for an entirely different blog. So please keep the support coming our way. Though Mr. Sunshine is still trying to be present, there are clouds. But we are learning to live the Lawrence philosophy and try everyday to make it a great day!