Friday, March 26, 2010

He's home, he's home!!!! Jimbo came home today. We have mostly just relaxed the day away. Just going up and down the stairs wears him out. He is pretty unsteady, I stay with him any time he goes up or down the stairs, just in case. The dogs are happy to see him. They can't leave his side. He is walking with forearm crutches. He is slow. He will start out patient therapy next week. He will also exercise at home. He was sent with all kinds of things to do to continue his rehab, with bands and putty and leg lifts. His little sister got him a Wii, which is great rehab. If Dallas and Wyatt ever get off it, Jimbo might get to play. It is very exciting to have him home. Hopefully someone will install the hand held shower head soon so he can bathe! Not sure how tomorrow will go. The best thing about rehab is that Jimbo earned a nick name... Mr. Sunshine! I think life as we have known it, has changed!!!

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