Monday, March 22, 2010

Wow...sorry it's been so long. It has been quite a week. Jim is making great strides every day!This week he passed his shower and getting dressed test! He has an electric wheel chair and is amazingly independent! He still gets tired very easily, but everyday gets a bit stronger. The first day at HealthSouth it took three people to move him from the bed to a wheel chair, a week later, he could transfer himself! He has started to walk! It is crazy to watch. He looks like a six foot tall toddler! His big obstacle right now is ankles and toes. His toes are just now starting to wiggle and his ankles can't pull his feet up, yet. The big event this week is his home evaluation. The therapists will come over to our house and see how we need to make it safe for him to come home. Things like handrails on stairs, no scatter rugs, and bathroom safety equipment. My hope is that things will go well enough that he could come home this weekend. But that is just my hope. As of right now, his discharge date is the 31st. His next issue is the feeding tube. There seems to be some controversy with who needs to remove it. So his attending doctor is communicating with the doctor that installed it and we are awaiting the final verdict. It's pretty cool though, to see what he had for lunch, when I get there after work!!! So the home eval is tomorrow so look for an update. You locals need to go see him. He is getting so antsy. He is so ready to come home. Help him pass the time and go see him or give him a call! Thanks again for all the love and support. Please keep it coming!

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